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General Questions

How do I register my Pilot Diode Laser?

Is financing available?

How does the Pilot Diode Laser work?

Do you have a loaner program?

Why are therapy lasers so expensive!?

Do I need high power levels of more than 9W to achieve desired results in laser therapy?

What is the warranty period of the Pilot Diode Laser?

Why 810nm wavelength?

If the power of the Pilot Laser controls the wattage, why are the hand-pieces called 5W and 3W?

How can my patients benefit by using the Pilot Diode Laser?

Do I need a Laser Safety Program?

Is the Pilot Laser FDA-cleared?

Where is the Pilot Diode Laser manufactured and by what company?

What rehabilitation benefits are available from treatment with the Pilot Laser?

How can the Pilot Diode Laser expand my medical services?

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